Andy Schnyder Biography

Andreas Schnyder was born in Switzerland. He plays the drumset since 1983 and studied at:

  • Drummers Collective in New York City (USA) where he worked with Zach Danziger, Mike Clark, Bobby Sanabria, Kim Plainfield and others
  • Drumschool Basel (CH) where he studied with Cyrill L├╝tzelschwab, JoJo Mayer, Rick Latham and others
  • Jazzschool Basel (CH) where he worked with John Riley, George Gruntz, Thomas Moeckel and others
  • with Alain Tissot and Norbert Pfammatter (Jazzschool Luzern, CH).

Beside his studies on the drumset he was teached on the classical guitar for seven years by Helmuth Hefti and Rudolf Heid. As a result of that his second instrument today is the electric bass.

One of Andreas Schnyder`s particular qualities is his ability to express himself musically in various different styles of music very steadily and authentically. His widely spread musical influences allowed him to develop his distinct personal sound. He is well established in the music scene and does a lot of different work for studio-projects and live-performances.

Andreas Schnyder plays acoustic drumset as well as electronic setups. He is also specialized in creating and using sounds and loops in live and studio situations.

Artists Andreas Schnyder performed with

Neal Sugarman Amy Winehouse ,Dap Kings
B-Pocket Jazz, Boogaloo
Endo Anaconda Concept
Injaztigator Fusion
Elliott Marks Group Blues
Eric Wainaina Afro-Pop
Martin Lechner Band Soul Jazz
Saturday Night Fever Musical with the hits of the Bee Gees
Voice It Jazz
Close To Mars Urban Beats
Mark Hauser Quintet feat. Heriberto ”Heri” Paredes Mexican Tangos & Boleros
Electric Wednesday Fusion
LUV Rock, Pop
Helsinki Freestyle
NUBYA Pop, R’n’B
Kapsamun Balkanjazz
Baja Quartett Jazz
Ray Blue Funk, Soul
Shabani & The Burnin’ Birds Reggae
Setze Reggae
Sir Ali Bengali Funk, Soul
Christian Schenker Rockmusic for children
Ellee Bee Low End Funk
Famara Reggae