26.12.15 – Hotel Wetterhorn – Hasliberg_MG_6183 leicht

Tom Swift

01.01.16 – Rocksresort – LaaxTom Swift
02.01.16 – Rocksresort – Laax
27.02.16 – Bärenkeller – Aarburg
27.03.16 – Bomba Bunny Bash – Salgesch



DSC00371sw19.03.16 – 21.00h – Hotel Belvedere – Scuol
03.04.16 – 10.00h – Hotel Guardaval – Scuol


28.04.16 – 22.00h – Nachtfieber – Schützi – Olten
27.10.16 – 22.00h – Nachtfieber – Schützi – Olten

Elliott Marks Group

08.07.16 – Valle Maggia Blues Festival 



New CD out



Welcome to the anti-utopia!Cover Dystopia klein

Inspired by Philipp K. Dick’s novels, the investigative eye of INJAZTIGATOR takes a closer look not on the past as in the previous albums “Return to a Past Future “ (2010) and “The Grammar of Life” (2006) but rather at the scenario of a failed Utopia.

The third INJAZTIGATOR album (2013) takes us into a dark, dusty and rusty town in the future, which has gone astray. There is darkness, rumbling, rustling, and everything is about to fall apart.

The audience slips into the skin of a DYSTOPIA resident, finding himself, like an AUTOMAN, locked in the UNDERWORLD made of endless labyrinths, externally commanded and closely surveiled by the IRON CORE. Everyday tasks are executed by the CAREBOYS. Communication is taken over by the CYCLONECTOR and residents are monitored by the INFRADRONE. The system cannot be saved, ressources are getting scarce and the city is going to pieces… But there is hope, hope of redemption – SOONDAI.

“Welcome to Dystopia” is a direct, unrefined, raw and edgy album. It shows the quartet from a new side, raw, rocky and metallic. The album would have been tagged as Jazz Rock 30 years ago. However today, it is a blend of Industrial- Electric Jazz, does it require to be classified. Ten new seething, scratching, wheezing, rasping, steaming, pulsing and magnetising tracks.

Immanuel Brockhaus – keys
Thomas Mäder – sax
Pierangelo Crescenzio – bass
Andreas Schnyder – drums

Martin Lechner Band

18.03.16 – Jazz in Dübendorf
12.04.16 – Widder Bar – Zürich
30.04.16 – Grünfels Rapperswil
23.06.16 – Jazzfestival Ascona – Ascona
24.06.16 – Jazzfestival Ascona – Ascona
25.06.16 – Jazzfestival Ascona – Ascona
29.10.16 – Jazzclub Allmend – Oberengstringen